At Plus Care, diagnosis is not just a process; it’s an intermediary link between doctor and patient that alters the condition of illness to wellness and survival to prevention. We simply have Accuracy, Affordability,and Accessibility in our DNA that make us patient centric. We believe, there are all kinds of right but the right to health is one of the most imperative. World-class health facilities to you.

To make quality healthcare services available to all citizens and reduce per capita medical expenditure using innovative health technology

To be the leader in establishing optimum health across the life span of the citizens we service.

Our healthcare destinations across India
At Plus care, we feel accountable towards building a healthier society in which we wish to live, for our loved ones, and for the generations to come. Therefore, we have 185+ Healthcare Centers in collaboration with India’s largest healthcare PSUs. We have an incredibly diverse network of more than 300+ Health Professionals with 5100+ Paramedics, Lab Professionals & Occupational Therapists who ensure accuracy in clinical outcomes.

Why Plus Care
Excellence has a purpose in our industry. It is to provide certainty. Because without certainty lives get compromised. Which is why we’re building a new age diagnostics & health care company that delivers cutting edge services to its customers. Bringing world-class to the last mile in health services delivery. So, you are never in doubt about the outcome.